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CORE has gone through extensive changes to be ready for receiving filings required under the Companies Act 2014. Since going live on 1 June, users have been encountering some technical difficulties. CRO are actively addressing issues that are made known to us and have applied a number of fixes to these problems. We will continue to work through any issues that users are experiencing and hope to have these issues rectified as soon as possible. We ask users to contact the CRO immediately they encounter a difficulty with filing on CORE at in order that the CRO is aware of the particular difficulty and is then in a position to address the difficulty. We will also continue to work with users to ensure that any technical errors on our side do not result in late filing penalties. Please note that users filing through software packages may also be affected by these technical difficulties. In such instances please contact your software vendor for further information.
We apologise  for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience.

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